British Journalistic Experience

Award winning journalist/presenter/producer
radio, television and newspapers

  • Carlton Television(Independent TV): Investigative reporter/producer on current affairs series 30 Minutes. Documentaries included miscarriages of justice and controversy surrounding the care of the elderly in private nursing homes.
    • Miscarriage of Justice. Controversy surrounding the case of a teenager convicted of murder. After spending 27 years in prison his sentence was quashed. Researcher/Reporter/Producer.......Allan Taylor
    • Who Cares?...documentary reveals the scandal of care for the elderly in private nursing homes. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor.
  • After living and working undercover on the streets of Nottingham the acclaimed documentary Beggars challenged the political view that charities were encouraging people to live on the streets. Secret filming showed drug addicts, runaways and the homeless were in the majority, and that most didn't have an alternative to living rough.
    • Beggars. Hard hitting expose of life on the streets in a British city. Secretly filmed by undercover reporter. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor.

    • Working undercover on the streets of Nottingham, England, 2000

  • Central Television: Investigative reporter/producer based in the Midlands. Produced the first British Documentary on child sexual abuse (Suffer Little Children). The delicate nature of the subject in the nineteen eighties meant the establishment, including television executives, were reluctant for the programme to be made. Reference letter
  • Nominated/Commended by the Royal Television Society for Betrayal- documentary which showed how a social worker with 'friends in high places' was able to abuse children in residential homes for thirteen years. Testimonial
  • Betrayal. The shocking story of how the crimes of a senior social worker who abused children in care were part of an establishment cover up for thirteen years. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor


The video excerpt above is from a television debate instigated by revelations in the 1991 documentary Betrayal.

Indifference to the abuse of vulnerable children meant several decades would pass before other scandals were uncovered, but some in the media should reflect on how they looked down on the subject and didn't consider it worthy of their attention.

The Media and Lord Janner

  • Made Legal History when the High Court in London rejected a government attempt to ban an interview with the serial killer nurse Beverly Allitt. The film had been made because families of the victims were angry she was serving her life sentence in a secure hospital instead of a prison.Testimonial
    • Allitt. High Court rules against the British government, and in favour of world exclusive interview with serial killer being broadcast. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor.
    • On the left: excerpt from the "Allitt" documentary; Court of Appeal, London 1993

      If you don't have Quick Time, you can download it from here

  • Tyne Tees Television: Presenter/ Reporter on Sunday Edition, a weekly investigative current affairs series. Based in Newcastle the programme covered the main issues in North Yorkshire and the North East of England..
    • Freelance News Correspondent With I.T.N. (Independent Television News) and T.V.A.M. (Breakfast Television) based in London.
    • Hosted phone-in news programmes on radio L.B.C. (London Broadcast Company). I.R.N.( Independent Radio News): Industrial correspondent .
    • Thames Television/ I.T.V. Sport: Presenter/ reporter on London's Thames Sport and the network's Midweek Sports Special
    • STV (Scottish Television):Newsreader/presenter/ reporter on news/ features/ sport.Testimonial1 / Testimonial2 (1979)
    • Radio Clyde, Glasgow: Newsreader/ reporter/ producer.
    • DC Thomson . Daily/weekly newspapers graduate


    Allan Taylor(third from the left) presenting a live sports programme in London to honour Tottenham's FA Cup Triumph. He is joined by three Tottenham internationalists: Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa (both Argentina) and Garth Crooks(England)                                  England 1981

    Graduated Journalism/Broadcast Communications with Honours (equivalent).
    Studies included Law/Court Reporting. Majored in presentation, investigative journalism and television production.
    Degree/Awards Confirmation