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  • Romanian Revolution: covered the historical changes from Timisoara, scene of the initial uprising. Returned to Romania to produce evidence of the international adoption scandal which allowed foreigners to buy and adopt children without appropriate checks being made.
    • 1989. Bloodshed on the streets of Romania as the dictator Ceausescu is overthrown. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor
    • 1990. The story behind the scandal of how wealthy foreigners were able to adopt orphans and abandoned children in Romania. The authorities accepted bribes and failed to check if the foreigners were suitable people to adopt vulnerable children.
      Narrator/Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor

This documentary excerpt shows the conditions experienced by older orphans and the reaction of a foreign couple who were hoping to adopt a child. The film was made in January, 1990.

If you don't have Quick Time, you can download it from here

  • Pristina, Kosovo: working undercover with a small independent television team-obtained film of some of the atrocities. Broadcast in America, Japan and Britain.
  • Nobody's Child: documentary revealed plight of abandoned and handicapped children in Belarus.
  • Following the broadcast the public donated money and gifts, and new international aid programmes were launched to assist those with the greatest need. Foreign social workers tried to introduce the idea of fostering and adoption to Belarusian society for the first time.
    • Nobody's Child. The film showed how disabled children were rejected by a society which kept them out of sight and forced them to live in appalling conditions. It also highlighted how Belarus was suffering because of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in neighbouring Ukraine.There was a significant increase in the number of children with cancer. Medical experts insisted this was linked to Chernobyl.
      Writer/Producer/Director Allan Taylor
    • In this part of the documentary Ludmila Tugay, a teacher, and Elena Selchonok of UNICEF speak about the plight of disabled children in Belarusian society. (The film was made in 2000)

      If you don't have Quick Time, you can download it from here

  • Abduction: documentary exposing the life of a divorced couple's abducted child. The parents were of different nationalities. Following the broadcast the child was returned to his mother in Birmingham, England. The documentary showed how lawyers and police in countries like Greece ignore European Union legislation.
    • Abduction. The film included a disturbing confrontation between the child's parents. Reporter/Producer Allan Taylor.
  • World Cup Finals-Spain 1982 Sports/News Correspondent
  • Olympic Games- Soviet Union 1980 Sports/News Correspondent